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to the Sea 

Whittaker Marine integrates a trusted history of 

valuable consulting services with proven operations expertise

and comprehensive marine asset management.

Captain Scott, Whittaker Marine / Yacht Integration
Whether you're looking for some helpful insight when purchasing a weekend pleasure craft, or for an experienced captain to navigate your expedition yacht safely all the way to Antarctica -- for someone to manage a major refit project, or just for some personal tips and training on piloting your new boat -- Whittaker Marine can help link you to the sea.
Captai Sott Whittake, Whittaker Marine

Meet Scott Whittaker

Scott Whittaker is a licensed marine captain, a trusted consultant, and an accomplished marine asset manager with all of the expertise, experience and resources required to handle your boating needs -- in the shipyard or on the sea.


Client Comments and Reviews

Your boating experience is Scott's number-one priority, and his commitment to outstanding customer service is reflected in client reviews. Scott blends his hard-won expertise with hard work and a genuinely friendly, professional attitude toward every client. His unwavering dedication and constant integrity are truly priceless.

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