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Scott Whittaker Marine - Yacht Integration Services


At Whittaker Marine, our job is simply linking people to the sea. And we offer you a wealth of experience to help you get there, with a complete range of the services required for your journey.


We specialize in integrating a full complement of marine services into a central point of contact to make your yachting experience as smooth as possible for you. We offer you the expertise to help you buy the boat you really want, license and insure it properly, relocate it, safely store it, maintain it, repair it and/or completely overhaul it. We can also help you pilot and navigate your vessel -- or you can let us do that for you while you relax and enjoy the ride, on day-trips or on international voyages. We can also help you prepare your boat for sale at the highest possible value, or we can even help you with environmentally responsible vessel disposal.



  • Complex project management and on-call availability
  • Numerous long-term marine industry contacts

  • Detailed evaluations for potential new boat purchases

  • Referrals for major boat repairs and refits

  • Market research and coordination for personal boat sales

  • Environmentally responsible disposition coordination

  • Experience with oil industry vessels

  • Detailed cruise planning with navigation tips and port recommendations

  • Licensing requirements and insurance recommendations

  • Personalized on-board training for boat handling and systems




  • Licensed Captain with expertise in a broad range of vessels

  • Lengthy yacht cruises, domestic and international ports

  • Management and coordination for staffing and long-haul provisioning

  • Experience with challenging weather and water conditions 

  • Day-sailing trips

  • ​Vessel relocation
  • Custom requests

2017-11-13 11.00.26.jpg

Coordination, oversight and quality control for: 

  • Major overhauls and damage repairs

  • Comprehensive ystem installations and/or upgrades

  • Interior and exterior refits and refurbishments

  • Routine vessel maintenance and servicing 

  • Bunkering and lube oils

  • Haul-outs and long-term storage

We know how valuable your property is, and we respect it completely. Even more importantly, we understand the value of your time, your safety on the water, and your peace of mind. And we also share your love of the sea. So if you don't see a specific service you're looking for here, we can probably help you find that too. And please feel free to contact us with any questions or for more information.



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