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In 2012 I journeyed from Australia to Seattle to view live-aboard boats with the intention to purchase one for use off the coast of Malaysia and Thailand in Asia. After viewing numerous vessels I made the decision to purchase a 45-foot Sea Ranger “Destiny’s Voyageur” (DV).


Because I lived 8000 miles away, I needed a person from the local area to look after my asset, organise some repairs, prepare DV for the shipping on a Container/Cargo Ship and finally deliver DV with the appropriate documentation to the shipping terminal when the time came to load DV for transporting to Asia.


I was introduced to Scott Whitaker at Emerald Pacific’s Sales Office in Seattle after I negotiated my purchase and organized the transport of DV to Singapore. Unfortunately the Shipping of DV was not a happy experience. Without going into detail, what should have taken two months took seven -- and without Scott being in Seattle to look after my affairs I could have very easily walked away from my project. His encouragement, patience and steadfastness were my salvation!


This letter of recommendation is not given lightly as all I can say is Scott conducted his affairs with aplomb and zeal! He moved my boat to a half a dozen terminals from Victoria BC to Tacoma as the then Shipping Agent gave me numerous false shipping dates on phantom ships over a seven-month period. 


Being back in Australia, Scott had total control of my asset and to a certain extent also my cheque book. Scott maintained DV, oversaw the list of repairs which needed to be done, prepared DV for the overseas voyage and finally delivering DV to the Shipping Terminal. Importantly he also took care of all the necessary documentation which included Insurance, customs clearances and other legal documentation which allowed me to take DV out of the US.


I will not make any comments about Scott’s knowledge of the boating world. I will leave that to him and others to blow his trumpet. All I can say is by the end of the seventh month and after daily phone conversations and dealing with Scott I came to the conclusion without Scott’s effort and commitment I never would have seen Destiny’s Voyageur in Asia.


Whoever reads this letter, I would like to ask you a question: what prices do you put on Trust, Integrity, Honesty and Fair Dealing? From my experience in dealing with Captain Scott Whitaker, all I can say is I will trust Scott anytime, anywhere to keep MY interests at the top of his agenda. 


Anthony (Tony) Galea, 

Golden Beach, Sunshine Coast, Australia


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