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I am honored that Scott has asked me to write a reference for him as he launches into another boating venture. Most of the people who will prepare a reference for Scott have undoubtedly known him longer than I. But, as you will see, my reference might be the most relevant to you; a possible new client seeking help with a boat-related need, as that was my situation 12 months ago.


I own a Hatteras 61 CMY named "Time Out" on which I traveled 4200 miles from Annapolis through the Erie Canal, down the St. Lawrence to Newfoundland and the Canadian Maritimes, and back to Annapolis in summer 2012. Having motored or sailed pretty much the entire east coast and islands I wanted to fulfill a long-held dream to cruise the Inside Passage and other parts of the Pacific Northwest. In winter 2013 I began looking on the west coast for a boat to fulfill that dream.


Early in my search I met Scott who was running a candidate vessel for a sea trail for me and my wife. We pretty quickly knew it was not the boat for us – just not up to the standard of our Hatteras. After being freed by my broker to speak his mind, Scott did just that. He talked about seeking quality to the level we already had, about a boat as a place to park money, get some enjoyment, and get out as close to whole as one can in today’s boating environment. 


I decided to engage Scott as my consultant in the search. After a couple of hours on a candidate boat, Scott would tell me what I would spend to have the boat ready to go. Knowing that I was likely only looking for a three-season vessel, asset preservation was a high priority. Scott understood that and kept me from making a couple of possible mistakes – and after some thinking based on my 45 years of boat ownership and 100-Ton Master’s rating experience, I usually agreed with his much more rapidly achieved estimate. My point being that I am hardly a neophyte boater but my knowledge pales in comparison to Scott’s.


Three trips and as many surveys later, I was getting discouraged when Scott spotted an as-yet-unlisted Hatteras. I bought it the next day while three backup offers pounded on the broker’s (and Scott’s) doors. But, with his help I closed on my new boat: "Time Out West," a 1976 Hatteras Yachtfish in top condition.


Along the way of my search Scott had offered to “run me up to Sitka” and then leave me to my own devices. After I bought the Yachtfish, I commissioned Scott to prepare it for the trip while I went back east for a month or so. He found a short-term slip, put about a half dozen of his trusted sources of skilled trades to work on cosmetics, electronics, rigging for the 21’ CC I was going to tow, and other miscellaneous items. Here it was, the busiest time of the season and Scott got folks to turn out and get me ready.


On July 6, 2013, Scott, my wife Ellen, and I shoved off on what turned out to be an eight-day 1000-mile jaunt to Sitka, Alaska, where we were accommodated by a much longer-term consumer of Scott’s services. After a few days of good food, carousing, and much wine, Scott left and we went off on our own. Everything Scott had done for me worked out flawlessly, and after my 3200-mile four-month trip, I returned to where Scott had found covered inside storage for me. 


Today, April 24, 2014, between the two of us we spoke to four vendors who are preparing "Time Out West" for her second summer heading north. Each of them had fitted my needs into their already busy schedules because of their relationship with Scott, and each are among the very best in their trade in the Seattle-Anacortes region.


Scott is truly an integrator of marine services. I was fortunate to have met him and smart enough to have hired him for his knowledge, skills, and contacts – you could do nothing wiser than engage him to meet your needs. Everything I needed done he has managed to handle; all while I am 3,000 miles away. And, in the process of all this, Ellen and I have made a good and trusted friend. BTW, while I am writing this Scott is running an 82-foot explorer yacht about 50 miles off the west coast from Seattle to Cabo and beyond – if you hire him get him to make a delivery while you need him because he becomes very accessible when he has nothing but wind and seas to distract him.


I can be reached at 202-359-0781 or for further conversation if you wish.


- Michael Kane

Washington, D.C.


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