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My wife and I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to Scott after we had purchased our 58-foot Hatteras YF from EPYB in Seattle. Scott was recommended by the brokers, and it has proved to be the best thing they have done for us.


This was our first large boat and we had a tremendous learning curve ahead of us. I honestly feel if we had not had Scott as our skipper we would still be struggling with all the complexities of the vessel.


Scott has made himself available to us almost twenty-four seven. It is very reassuring when we are out cruising for the first few times to have Scott as a qualified resource person.


My wife and I feel Scott is the most honest and trustworthy person we have known in the boating industry. This I am finding out is an oddity in the boating world from our exposure. If we were to purchase another boat Scott would have to be the one to okay the sale.


I am comfortable with operating the "Galaman" as we head north thanks to the instruction and support of Scott.




Gene Wood

Phone 509-750-3561


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