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This gallery features Barbuda Island, long one of Scott's favorite places 

and still a dream spot for creating his own "Island Paradise" ... someday.

Comments and questions are always welcome.

Whittaker Marine Consulting - Boat Names
Barbuda - Whittaker Marine
Yacht Integration, Scott Whittaker Marine, Barbuda
Captain Scott Whittaker - Whittaker Marine Consulting


Scott's career as a captain includes power and sailing vessels on voyages comprising the eastern and western coasts of the US mainland and the inter-Hawaiian Islands, along with numerous Gulf of Alaska crossings and extensive experience on the Puget Sound as well as travel through the Inside Passage and coastal British Columbia. Additional voyages range from Antarctica to the Galapagos Islands, including the western coasts of Mexico and South America, and many trips through the Panama Canal -- in addition to Bermuda, Bahamas, leeward and windward Caribbean, Costa Rica, Newfoundland, and offshore Nova Scotia.

And beyond... with more on the horizon.


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